Set off from a place you know to a place you’re yet to discover. From the you you know, to the changed you. Don’t waste time, go to EWC.

Hit the road. Don’t be satisfied with discussions; don’t wait to do the right thing or for opportunities that may never come. The time for action is now! JPII

The task of every man is to be the creator of his own life. All men and women are entrusted with the task of crafting their own life: in a certain sense, they are to make of it a work of art, a masterpiece. JPII

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EWC for the soul

Take up your cross

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Brace yourself as it will hurt

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Once upon a time

You take part in the EWC at your own risk. Having participated in it for several years we can tell you what’s useful to take with you, what you must have and what to pay attention to.

You must:

  • take food with you (food, drink, a thermos flask with hot tea, water), have energy-boosting food: chocolate, chocolate bars, halva; all packed in one backpack,
  • take the description of your route with you or a mobile device with the EWC app and the GPS trace of your route
  • take warm clothes, comfortable and waterproof shoes suitable for long hikes (in some places the route may be muddy and slippery),
  • have waterproof clothing, suitable in case of temperature changes and unfavourable weather conditions,
  • take a fully-charged mobile phone, a flashlight (preferably a headlamp), a small first-aid kit, reflective bands (or preferably a reflective vest),
  • check the local weather forecast,
  • inform your family that you are going,
  • arrange for someone to take you home in case you need to finish early; – remember that the EWC includes risk and that you acknowledge that unpredictable events may occur,
  • plan how you will get back home after the EXTREME WAY OF THE CROSS,
  • check carefully the course and nature of your route.

You should:

  • take a wood cross,
  • take hiking poles (such as Nordic walking poles),
  • have a map of the area where your EWC will take place.

Please bear in mind that the more you put in your backpack, the more you will have to carry and the more tired you will be. The maximum size of one group is 10 people. You may also set off on your own, with one other person or with a smaller group.

In most regions the EWC will take place on 22nd March 2024. To check the date of the route you would like to select, please go to

The Extreme Way of the Cross started in 2009. Its originator is Rev. Fr. Jacek WIOSNA Stryczek together with Męska Strona Rzeczywistości (Men’s Side of Reality) community and the WIOSNA Association. The first EXTREME WAY OF THE CROSS took place in 2009 on the route from Krakow to Kalwaria Zebrzydowska.

Remember that you are responsible for yourself on the Way. The EWC is not a pilgrimage, there are no meal breaks, no marking of the routes, no assistance that would facilitate walking the route. Neither first aid nor transport back home are provided.

Participation in the EWC is free of charge. Everyone sets off at their own risk. This is not a pilgrimage, therefore you don’t pay anything to walk the EWC. However, you can make a donation to the EWC to support the project.

Your desire to change is most important. The night route is just a tool. It is a time of reflection and solitude.

Reflections on the Stations of the Cross provide food for thought. You must not talk.

You can select your route on the EWC website and app. You can then follow the satnav route on your phone.

If you do so, take a power bank with you. You may also print out the description of the route.

You must follow the EWC requirements:

  • 40 km at night;
  • alone or in a small group, no talking;
  • the EWC is not a fitness challenge, it is a route of reflection;
  • you can eat and drink, but you must not have picnics.



Extreme – more and farther than you’re used to. You have to step out of your familiar world.


It doesn’t have to, but it might. It usually hurts. That is a good time to start praying.


Some weather. That’s why you should take more clothes than usual. Just in case.


You can walk in a small group, but always remain in focus. In silence. EDK is an individual prayer.


You should bring food with you. You can eat and drink, but no picnics. 


Everyone sets out at their own risk. It’s worth securing a way to get back.


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You must demand of yourself.
Station I  
Jesus is condemned to death.
Station II  
Jesus takes up his Cross.
Station III  
Jesus falls for the first time.
Station IV  
Jesus meets His Mother.
Station V  
Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry the cross.
Station VI  
Veronica wipes the face of Jesu
Station VII  
Jesus falls for the second time
Station VIII  
The women of Jerusalem weep over Jesus.
Station IX  
Jesus falls for the third time
Station X  
Jesus stripped of his garments.
Station XI  
Jesus is nailed to the cross.
Station XII  
Jesus dies on the cross.
Station XIII  
Jesus taken down from the cross.
Station XIV  
Jesus is laid in the sepulchre.

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EWC can be difficult

The biggest prize